V005 jewellery: Complete collection 241 vintage & rare books

V005 jewellery: Complete collection 241 vintage & rare books

V005 jewellery: Complete collection 241 vintage & rare books

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241 Vintage Books on File

A truly unique library of rare and out-of-print books collected together for the first time on one disk. Covering many 1000's of pages and illustrations.


Knowledge that was disappearing is now preserved in these vintage books

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20th century catalogue of supplies for watchmakers, jewelers and kindred trades - Purdy, J. H. & Co 189
1905 catalogue  the gold and silversmiths - Henry Birks and Sons
A book of precious stones; the identification of gems and gem minerals - Wodiska, J 1909
A copy of the register... the manufacture of silver wares, and of the marks  1773 to 1907 -  Sheffield Assay Office 1911
A descriptive catalogue of a general collection of ancient and modern engraved gems, Vol. 1 - R. E. Raspe 1791
A descriptive catalogue of a general collection of ancient and modern engraved gems, Vol. 2 - R. E. Raspe 1791
A Guide to the Third and Fourth Egyptian Rooms Predynastic Antiquities ... - British Museum 1904
A hand-book of precious stones - M. D. Rothschild 1890
A history of the precious metals, from the earliest times to the present - Del Mar, A 1902
A List of Early American Silversmiths & Their Marks - H French 1917
A Manual of precious stones and antique gems - H Westropp 1874
A new touch-stone for gold and silver wares, - William Babcock Goldsmith 1708
A popular treatise on gems - a guide for the teacher of natural sciences, the jeweller, and amateur - L. Feuchtwanger 1859
A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public - Wade, F 1918
A touch-stone for gold and silver wares, - William Badcock 1708
A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls In which Their Importance is Considered ... - David Jeffries 1751
A treatise on gems, in reference to their pratical and scientific value; a useful guide for the jeweller - L Feuchtwanger 1838
A W Smith & Sons - Peace Year Catalogue (1919-1920)
Alfavitny ukazatel s.-peterburgskikh zolotykh , 1714-1814 - Felkerzam, A 1907[Russinan]
American pearls by H. E. Washburn 1908
An essay about the origine & virtues of gems - R. Boyle 1672
Ancient and modern gold and silver smiths' work in the South Kensington Museum - Victoria and Albert Museum 1878
Annual catalogue  issued by Bastian Bros. Co., Jewelry Department. 1909
Annual Illustrated catalogue ...diamonds,watches,jewelry 1889
Antique gems and rings Vol. 1 - C. W. King 1872
Antique gems and rings Vol. 2 - C. W. King 1872
Antique gems their origin and value as interpreters of ancient history as illustrative of ancient art with hints to gem collectors by C. W. King 1866
Antique Jewellery and its revival - Anon 1862
Antique jewellery and trinkets - Burgess, Fred 1919
Art work in gold and silver, mediaeval - Wheatley, H 1882
Art work in gold and silver, modern - Wheatley, H 1882

Bazar de bijouterie & horlogerie -1890 [French Language]

Bijouterie, joaillerie. - E. Bansse 1910 [French]
Birks year book 1911
British mineralogy, or, Coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain Vols. 1  -  J. Sowerby 1804
British mineralogy, or, Coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain Vols. 2  -  J. Sowerby 1806
British mineralogy, or, Coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain Vols. 3  -  J. Sowerby 1802
British mineralogy, or, Coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain Vols. 4  -  J. Sowerby 1811
British mineralogy, or, Coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain Vols. 5  -  J. Sowerby 1817
Canadian jeweller - Canadian Jewellers Association 1879
Canadian jeweller - Canadian Jewellers Association 1886
Canadian jeweller - Canadian Jewellers Association 1890
Canadian jeweller - Canadian Jewellers Association 1900
Canadian jeweller - Canadian Jewellers Association 1920
Catalogue and price-list of fine imported and American machinery,..for machinists, jewellers, watchmakers .. - Frasse & Co 1875
Catalogue des diamants, saphirs, émeraudes, rubis, bijoux, argenterie provenant de feu S.A.R. le duc Charles de Brunswick 1874[French Language]
Catalogue no. 15. - Chicago Art Metal Works c.1912
Catalogue no. 20 of rings, pins, medals ... manufactured as an art by Eagle Regalia Company 1920
Catalogue of a collection of precious and ornamental stones of North America - Tiffany & Co. 1889
Catalogue of an important assemblage of magnificent jewellery mostly dating from the 18th century - M christie 1927
Catalogue of antique and medieval gems - Tiffany & Co. 1902
Catalogue of J.E. Brown & Co. Limited chain makers 1906
Catalogue of the jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman -, British Museum 1911
Catalogue of the mediaeval ivories, enamels, jewellery ... - Fitzwilliam Museum. McClean Bequest 1912
Charles T. Menge's price list of ornamental hair jewelry 1873
Chats on old jewellery and trinkets - Percival, M 191-
Chats on old silver - Hayden, A 1917
Chefs-d'oeuvre of the industrial arts  ...., goldsmiths' work, jewellery, and tapestry - Burty, P 1869
Class emblems. - Bastian Bros. Co 1922
Das Geschmeide, Schmuck- und Edelsteinkunde - Barth, Hermann 1903[German]
Der Diamant - eine Studie - A. E. Fersman 1911
Der schmuck - Bassermann-Jordan 1909 [German]
Description du tresor de Guarrazar, 1860 [French]
Diamond design - M. Tolkowsky 1919
Diamond Hall catalogue - Ryrie Bros Toront 190-
Diamonds - W. Crookes 1909
Diamonds and precious stones their history, value, and distinguishing characteristics - Emanuel, Harry 1867
Diamonds and precious stones, a popular account of gems .. - Dieulafait, Louis 1874
Diamonds, pearls and precious stones where they are found, howcut, and made ready for use in the jeweler's art - Smith, M 1913
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass
Die Perle  Weltorgan für Juwelengold und Silverarbeiter Vol 1 - M Gerlach 1880 [German]
Die Perle  Weltorgan für Juwelengold und Silverarbeiter Vol 2 - M Gerlach 1880 [German]
Die Perle  Weltorgan für Juwelengold und Silverarbeiter Vol 3 - M Gerlach 1880 [German]
Die Perle  Weltorgan für Juwelengold und Silverarbeiter Vol 4 - M Gerlach 1880 [German]
E. Bansse Paris Bijouterie, Joaillerie 1910 [French Language]
Edelsteinkunde - M. H. Bauer (1896 [German Language]

Ellis gift book  - Ellis Brothers Ltd 1922

English goldsmiths and their marks a history of the goldsmiths and plateworkers of England, Scotland, and Ireland - C Jackson 1905
English jewellery from the fifth century A.D. to 1800 - Evans, Joan 1921
Engraved gems, signets, talismans and ornamental intaglios, ancient and modern - D. Osbourne 1912
Engraved gems; their history and place in art - M Sommerviller 1889
Esquisses deecoratives - Rene Binet 190- [French]
Everything in jewelry and photo jewelry  catalogue no. 12. - H.M. Hauer Co 1918
Exotic mineralogy, or, Coloured figures of foreign minerals  as a supplement to British mineralogy Vol. 1 - J. Sowerby 1811
Exotic mineralogy, or, Coloured figures of foreign minerals  as a supplement to British mineralogy Vol. 2 - J. Sowerby 1811
Facts about precious stones .. - Kohn, Theodore A 1893
Fogerty's directory of the jewelry and kindred trades in the United States. - Mrs. J.J. Fogerty 1877
Fresh water pearls - V. Simmonds 1899
Gemmen und Kameen des Altertums und der Neuzeit - G. Lippold 1922[German Language]
Gems - notes and extracts - A. Castellani 1871
Gems and gem minerals - O. C. Farrington 1903
Gems and precious stones - with descriptions of their distinctive properties, the methods for determining them - H Smith 1896
Gems and precious stones of North America - G. F. Kunz (890
Gems, jewelers' materials and ornamental stones of California - Kunz, G 1905
Gems, principally from the antique - R. Dagley 1822
Gem-stones and their distinctive characters - G. Smith 1912
Gilda aurifabrorum; a history of English goldsmiths and plateworkers, and their marks stamped on plate - Chaffers, W 1899
Gold and silver smiths' work - J H Pollen 1879
Gold and Silversmiths Catalogue  - United Watch and Jewelry Company 1911
Gold ornaments from United States of Colombia, - Kunz, George 1887
Gold und Silber. Handbuch der Edelschmiedekunst - Luthmer, F 1888 [German]
Guide to the collection of gemstones in the Museum of Practical Geology - W. F. P. McLintock 1912
Guild of Handicraft, Ltd. workers in applied art, silversmiths and jewellers, by appointment to the Queen 1902
Hall Marks on Gold & Silver Plate - William Chaffers 1905
Hand Book to Foreign Hall Marks on Gold & Silver Plate, - Markham, Christopher Alexander 1898
Hand Book to French Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate - C Markham 1899
Handbook of engraved gems - King, C 1885
Hand-wrought jewelry - Sorensen, H 1916
Histoire de l'orfévrerie-joaillerie et ... de la France et de la Belgique - Jacob, P 1850 [French]
Histoire des joyaux de la couronne de France d'après des documents inédits - J. Bapst 1889 [French Language]
History of the gems found in North Carolina, - Kunz, George Frederick 1907
Holiday specialties  jewelry, watches, silverware,.... - American Consumers' Alliance 1900
How to make jewelry - Overton, G 1920
Illustrated catalogue. - Franklin Jewelry Company c.1880
Inventaire de Marie Josèphe de saxe, dauphine de France - G. Bapst 1883
Italian drawings for jewelry, 1700-1875 (1940)
Jewelers' and silversmiths' weights and measures 1921
Jewellery - Cyril Davenport 1905
Jewellery - Smith, H. Clifford 1908
Jewellery of the ancient world 1953
Jewelry and the precious stones; with a history - J Paxton 1856
Jewelry Gem Cutting And Metalcraft - W Baxter 1942
Jewelry making and design; an illustrated text book - A Rose 1917

Lapidary Or The History Of Pretious Stones - T. Nicols 1652

Le livre de bijouterie de René Boyvin, d'Angers 1876 [French]
Leisure hours among the gems - A. C. Hamlin 1884
Les bijoux, anciens et modernes - Fontenay, E 1887
Les merveilles des indes orientales et occidentales, - Berquen, Robert de 1661 [French Language]
L'orfèvrerie française aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles 1700-1900, Vol 1 & 2, - Bouilhet, Henri 1908
L'orfèvrerie française aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles 1700-1900, Vol 3, - Bouilhet, Henri 1908
L'orfèvrerie, - Froehner, Wilhelm 1897
Magnificent diamond and valuable sapphires - J. Tennant 1874
Mediaeval gem engraving - C. W. King 18--
Minerals from earth and sky  - W. F. Foshag 1929
Miscellanea conchyliologica Vols. 1 - 3 -  F. C. M. 1766 [Dutch & French]
Modern design in jewellery and fans - Holme, C 1902
Nineteenth century jewelry - Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration 1955
Old English gold plate - Jones, E 1907
Old English Plate Ecclesiastical, Decorative, & Domestic Its Makers & Marks, - WJ Cripps 1894
Old English Plate Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic. - Wilfred J 1894
Old London Silver, Its History, Its Makers and Its Marks - Montague H 1903
Old paste - Ryley, A 1913
Old plate, its makers & marks - Buck, J 1903
Old silver platers and their marks - Great Britain. Sheffield Assay Office 1908
Oriental silverwork, Malay and Chinese, with over 250 original illustrations - H L Roth 1910
P.W. Ellis & Co. Limited, the jewellery headquarters of Canada 1915
Papers and notes on the genesis and matrix of the diamond - H. C. Lewis 1897
Peace year catalogue 1919-1920 - A.W. Smith & Sons
Pearls - Jacques & Marcud, New York 1891
Pearls - their occurrence in the United States, etc. - G. Kunz 1900
Pearls and pearling - H. H. Vertrees 1913
Pearls and pearling life - Streeter, E 1886
Pewter plate  a historical & descrptive handbook - Massé, H 1910
Pounamu, notes on New Zealand greenstone - H. G. Robley 1915
Precious stones - W. Goodchild 1908
Precious stones and gems, their history, sources and characteristics - Streeter, E 1898
Precious stones considered in their scientific and artistic relations - A. H. Church 1905
Precious stones in nature, art, and literature, - Burnham, S. M. 1886
Precious stones, a popular account of their characters, occurrence and applications - M Bauer 1904
Precious stones; a book of reference for jewellers - Cattelle, W 1903
Quilatador de la plata, oro, y piedras, - Arfe y Villafane 1572
Recovering precious metals from waste liquid residues - G Gee 1920
Recueil de dessins d'orfevrerie du premier empire par biennais orfevre de Napoléon 1er et de la couronne 1900 [French]
Ryrie year book, 1921 - Ryrie Bros
Ryrie year book, 1922 - Ryrie Bros 1922
S. Spitz, the jeweler of Santa Fe  A full line of watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, at wholesale and retail 1884
Schedule of gem-stones - G. F. Glaser 1892
Secrets of the trade. For watchmakers and jewelers .. - Collins & Clifton 1892
Self-instructor in the art of hair work, dressing hair, making curls, switches, braids, and hair jewelry of every description - M. Campbell 1867

Silverwork and jewellery - H. Wilson 1903

Spain, costume details, jewelry ten illustrations - Hispanic Society 19--
Stories about famous precious stones - A. E. Orpen 1890
Strassburger historische Schmuck-Ausstellung im alten Rohan-Schloss;  (1904 [French]
The art of cutting and polishing diamonds - I. Hermann 1885
The book of talismans, amulets and zodiacal gems with coloured frontispiece and ten plates - W. T. Pavitt 1922
The book of the pearl; the history, art, science, and industry of the queen of gems - Kunz, G 1908
The brooches of many nations - Heaton, H 1904
The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones - Mastin,  1911
The diamond - Wallis R 1911
The engraved gems of classical times - J. H. Middleton 1891
The gold and silver of Windsor Castle, - Jones E. Alfred 1911
The gold treasure of Sigsig, Ecuador, - Saville, Marshall 1924
The gold vase illustrated and described herein designed & executed for the American Cotton Oil Company, - Adams, Edward 1896
The goldsmith's art in ancient Mexico - Saville, M 1920
The goldsmith's handbook - Gee, G 1881
The great diamonds of the world. Their history and romance - E. W. Streeter 1882
The handy book containing tables, rules ... regarding the working of the precious metals - Handy & Harman 1914
The Iroquois silver brooches - Converse, H 1902
The jewellers' book of patterns in hair work  containing a great variety of copper-plate engravings of devices and patterns in hair - W Halford 1864
The jewelry department - B E Kennard 1917
The Lewes house collection of ancient gems - J. D. Beazley 1920
The magic and science of jewels and stones, -  Kozminsky, Isidore 1922
The magic of jewels and charms - G. F. Kunz 1915
The natural history of gems or decorative stones - C. W. King 1867
The Pearl Its Story, Its Charm, and Its Value - Wallis R 1907
The Practical Gold-worker, Or, The Goldsmith's and Jeweller's Instructor in ... - G Gee 1877
The private book of useful alloys and memoranda for goldsmiths, jewellers, etc. - Collins, J 1872
The science of gems, jewels, coins, and medals, ancient and modern - A. Billing 1875
The silversmith's handbook  containing full instructions for the alloying and working of silver - G Gee 1921
The watchmaker's and jeweler's hand-book - Hopkins, C 1866
Through One Hundred Years The Hundredth Anniversary of the Oldest Retail Jewelry house ... 1910
Watchmakers' and jewelers' practical receipt book. A workshop companion .. - [Walker, C 1892
Whittier's description of precious stones -  H. C. Whittier 1886
Wholesale pocket price list ...styles of diamonds, jewelry, silverware, clocks, and other goods pertaining to the jewelry trade 188-
XIV [i.e. Vierzehnter] Verbandstag Verband deutscher Juweliere, Gold- & Silberschmiede 1914 [German]



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