V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919

V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919
V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919
V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919
V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919

V005 Keramic Studio: Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919

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Vintage Ceramics Magazine 1899-1919




Keramic Studio was a monthly American ceramics magazine whose first number dates from May, 1899. It was founded by Adelaide Alsop Robineau with the help of her husband Samuel .
Born in 1865, she was an unusual woman for her time — entrepreneur, publisher, artist, educator, and mother of three children.

The magazine focuses on the decorative design of contemporary ceramics and was indeed the first magazine in the US to focus on ceramic design and technique in this way. Many of the contributors to the early issues are women, ceramics (and decorative art in general) being one of the few areas in 1900 where women were allowed to indulge their creativity. This magazine was very influential in spreading interest in hand made ceramics and bringing the ideas and style of Art Nouveau to the US.

Included here in PDF format are 228 issues of Keramic Studio
which represents a complete run of the magazine from 1899 to 1919
(excepting Volume 11 covering 1909-10 which is unfortunately missing)


It is nearly impossible to find all these rare & old Issues in their original form and if found they would cost a fortune!



All these Original Rare and Old books have been professionally scanned in high quality, compiled and preserved forever in PDF format files on this DVD data disc for your enjoyment


You can READ, TRANSFER, COPY, CUT, PASTE, SAVE & ZOOM IN on any text, diagrams or illustrations.


The pictures you see in this auction were taken from these PDF files


These books can be read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Kindle, ebook reader but will not work on regular DVD Players



The Complete List of the Volumes

  1. Keramic studio (Volume 1 May 1899-Apr. 1900)
  2. Keramic studio (Volume 2 May 1900-Apr. 1901)
  3. Keramic studio (Volume 3 May 1901-Apr. 1902)
  4. Keramic studio (Volume 4 May 1902-Apr. 1903)
  5. Keramic studio (Volume 5 May 1903-Apr. 1904)
  6. Keramic studio (Volume 6 May 1904-Apr. 1905)
  7. Keramic studio (Volume 7 May 1905-Apr. 1906)
  8. Keramic studio (Volume 8 May 1906-Apr. 1907)
  9. Keramic studio (Volume 9 May 1907-Apr. 1908)
  10. Keramic studio (Volume 10 May 1908-Apr. 1909)
  11. Keramic studio (Volume 12 May 1910-Apr. 1911)
  12. Keramic studio (Volume 13 May 1911-Apr. 1912)
  13. Keramic studio (Volume 14 May 1912-Apr. 1913)
  14. Keramic studio (Volume 15 May 1913-Apr. 1914)
  15. Keramic studio (Volume 16 May 1914-Apr. 1915)
  16. Keramic studio (Volume 17 May 1915-Apr. 1916)
  17. Keramic studio (Volume 18 May 1916-Apr. 1917)
  18. Keramic studio (Volume 19 May 1917-Apr. 1918)
  19. Keramic studio (Volume 20 May 1918-Apr. 1919)



Catalog E. by Keramic Studio Publishing Co (1909)



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